Air Jordan 1 Retro High Lucky Green (W) – Harlem 82

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Lucky Green (W)

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On April 20, 1986, the Chicago Bulls played the Celtics where the one and only Michael Jordan dominated the second game with 63 points in the first series of the Chicago Bulls playoffs season. 

Even with all of Jordan's efforts, the Chicago Bulls did not win that game. However, Jordan, just having joined the NBA two years ago as a fresh young face, showed everyone that day that someone new has stepped on the courts. Michael Jordan.

This shoe has been dedicated to that moment of greatness. This can be seen by the green with white leather combination, which refers to the Celtics' colors.

Furthermore, Jordan Brand gave this shoe a unique swoosh; instead of regular black leather, they made it patent black leather, giving this shoe it's unique shining look.

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Air Jordan 1 Retro High Lucky Green (W)