The Vintage Mystery Box – Harlem 82

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The Vintage Mystery Box

The Vintage Mystery Box is a new way to recycle and re-use clothing that would otherwise be wasted. By purchasing this box, you're helping reduce water usage on creating new clothing. Did you know that to create 1 T-Shirt it takes an average of 2720 litres of water to produce?

We're here to help go against the new fast-fashion industry by re-using clothes that have no damage or stains, but which still will be wasted.
This box will contain between 3 vintage products with at least 1 being a branded product from brands such as Burberry, Nike, Fila, Gucci, Versace, Diesel, Ferrari Racing Gear, Stussy, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Kappa, NBA-Gear, Champion, American College Sweatshirts, etc. 

Please note that under some circumstances you can receive a box with only two items. An example of this is when you receive two branded items with a higher value than the box. 

We have male and female boxes for specific male or female clothing, like skirts or dresses.

With this box, we guarantee that no items will show large stains, rips or holes. Our vintage items will, however, always show general signs of slight wear. 

Keep in mind that mystery boxes are only returnable under certain conditions, contact our customer service to find out if your order is eligible for a return!

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