Vintage Mystery Box (One Time)

Harlem 82

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This box will contain between 1 and 5 vintage products ranging from brands such as ( but not limited to ) Burberry, Ralph Lauren or Versace to Vintage Nike, FILA or Adidas.

Every item will be a branded vintage item.
We work with a chance-based system to give everyone a fair chance on heavily wanted products ( from brands such as, but not limited to, Burberry, Versace, Gucci etc. )

This works in the following way:
Every box has a chance to get A-branded products, B-branded, and C-branded products:

A-Branded products: 5% Chance
Brands included: Supreme, Bape, Palace, Neighbourhood, Anti Social Social Club, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci

B-Branded products: 30% Chance. 
Brands included: Burberry, Versace, Stone Island, The North Face, Stussy, Iceberg, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Armani, Diesel, Ferrari Racing Gear, Lamborghini Racing Gear.

C-Branded products: 65% Chance
Brands included: Nike, FILA, Adidas, Stussy ( T-Shirts Only ), Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Kappa, NBA-Gear, Champion, Wrangler, Imported American College Sweaters.

Our vintage items will always show general signs of slight wear. We hand select every item based on quality to ensure only the best pieces are coming your way.

Please select the sizes & item types you want to receive in the box below.

Please Note: This is NOT a subscription-based product.

By Purchasing this mystery box you agree that the contents inside of the box will be chosen by us, we always try to pick the items you chose in the selection below, but on some occasions, it can be different. You agree that there will be no refunds after purchasing this box.

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Type: Mystery Box