The Air Jordan 4 Retro SE Sashiko – Harlem 82


The Air Jordan 4  Retro SE Sashiko

The Air Jordan 4 Retro SE Sashiko

The Air Jordan 4 Sashiko is one of the most intricate color ways we’ve seen in a while. It seems like the sneaker is a love child between the Levi’s Air Jordan 4 and the Laser Air Jordan 4 with its deep blue denim-like color and intricate patterns throughout the shoe.

The sneaker itself is a combination of canvas and twill materials compiled in a quilt-like patchwork approach. The patterns all over the shoe range from flower-like designs to geometric patterns almost reminiscent of Japanese motifs. Shades of deep ocean blue are heavily featured along the whole shoe with asymmetrical accents of red which offer a great deal of contrast, especially if you decide to rock the red laces. The lower part of the sneaker features an off-white midsole with a white translucent bottom and contrasting red accents including a red Jump-man.

If you want the classic Jordan 4 silhouette but with a unique twist, look no further and check out the Air Jordan 4 “Sashiko” both in-store or online here at Harlem 82!